For many people, food and wine pairing is one of the most important moments of their lunch or dinner. It is the process of combining a food with a particular wine. And, it is a complicated c the diner’s palate. Therefore, what may seem perfect to one person may not be convincing to another.

However, experts agree that a good pairing makes the taste of the dish enhance itself even more. Therefore, it is important to know the sector and, in case of doubt, ask the experts.

In the meantime, we leave you with 5 simple tips for pairing your food in the best possible way.

  1. Dare to experiment with new wines, new types of food and new flavours, because some of them will surely surprise you.
  2. If you are looking at foods with very strong or spicy flavours, it is not recommended to pair them with strong red wines.
  3. There are dishes that fit very well with drinks from the same place. In other words, if you are in Spain eating a typical Spanish dish, try pairing it with a local wine. You’ll be surprised!
  4. Desserts don’t always have to be paired with sweet foods. Try pairing them with cheese and you will see the difference.
  5. And finally, when in doubt, rosé wine. With this wine, you will get the freshness of a white wine, but the astringent touch.


There are many recipes in which the pairing is as important as the food you are going to eat. Click on this link to see more recipes.

What other tricks do you have about pairing?