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The origin of pintxos

The pintxos. Bite-sized appetizers served in bars and considered the quintessence of our cuisine and gastronomy. What would we do without these delicacies? This term comes from the verb pinch, since, traditionally these appetizers have been prepared by inserting a toothpick and bread to eat more easily. They are usually eaten in one or two […]

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Piparrak, also known as Guindillas de Ibarra

Ibarra´s piparra with Eusko Label are ideal for preparing pintxos and accompanying them with a glass of Txakoli D.O. But, if you want to know more about this product and how they are grown, keep reading the article. The most important thing to be able to grow the Ibarra´s piparra with Eusko Label is to […]

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The Basque Cantabrian White Tuna coast

With the 2021 fishing season for the Basque Cantabrian White Tuna getting closer and closer, both fishermen and fish markets or canneries are preparing to get everything ready.

The tuna fishing season is undoubtedly one of the most important fishing moments of the year, especially in the Cantabrian Sea, where this species is caught.

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Txakoli, a wine that combines with all kinds of flavours

This is a very eclectic wine. It combines perfectly with seafood and also with vegetables, white meat or cheese. In short, it’s a wine that adapts to most flavours. Moreover, this type of wine is widely used with preserves from the Cantabrian Sea such as anchovies or tuna. Another foodstuff that goes well with Txakoli […]

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Gilda, a popular appetizer

The Gilda is one of the best known pintxos. It began as a simple appetizer in which three ingredients were combined: olive, piparra and anchovy. But, over the years, it has become one of the pintxos with the largest number of followers worldwide.

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