To eat well you don’t have to go to high level restaurants, at home you can also enjoy quality food with the Caprice appetizers. And that’s what we’ll be talking about today in this post.

We are used to go out to dinner to eat quality dishes, when at home we can do it with little effort and with the same taste.  It just takes a little bit of self-confidence and a lot of will to make a top class dish.

With the products of Caprice we can get this kind of recipes in an easy and fast way. For example, by opening a bottle of Txakoli with Denomination of Origin, we already have a rich appetizer with which to accompany any dish. Moreover, we can choose between three different txakolis: Txakoli de Getaria, Txakoli de Bizkaia, Txakoli de Áraba.

Another dish we can prepare is some Cantabrian Anchovies from the Basque Country. Just by opening a tin of this preserve, we can enjoy a very high quality fish with a lot of flavour and prepared 100% in a traditional way.

But if you like cooking, and these appetizers do not last long, you can prepare pintxos with ingredients such as Basque Cantabrian White Tuna or Gildas con with Piparra of Ibarra with Eusko Label.

If you want to know more recipes with these incredible products, enter our website to discover them.