Piparras, piperras, guindillas… The Guindilla de Ibarra is known by many names and, even so, it has been acquiring great fame all over the world. It has come out through the front door to build a path to almost worldwide fame, and in recent years has made a place for itself in restaurants large, small, well-known, modern, those of all life and, of course, in those that only offer quality.

This product is, specifically, a seasonal, yellowish-green, low production genre belonging to a native variety of bell pepper. A chili pepper with tender flesh and thin skin, small in length -between 5 and 12 centimeters-, narrow, elongated and smooth with a narrow and long tail.

As we already know, piparras have a spiciness of different degrees, some even very high -for the bravest-. This characteristic is the favorite of many consumers, and they take it as a game as a singularity of this delicacy. Other piparras, on the other hand, do not sting and have a milder flavor.

Piparra and the different ways of tasting them

Piparra can be tasted in several different ways. The first one is without pickling. Another way, invented in Donostia in the sixties, is in the form of Gilda; that is to say, in pintxo, together with one or two olives, an anchovy fillet in oil on a toothpick.

They can also be eaten as an accompaniment or even to give a unique touch to other dishes. In many homes it is used to give a little spice to the stews. Good beans, chickpeas or lentils acquire a unique touch and are highlighted by the Guindilla of Ibarra. In other more modern recipes, this typical product is added to fish or tomato sauces. Piparras are so versatile that they can transform the most basic and boring recipes into tremendous culinary experiences.

For all this and much more, it is not surprising that Ibarra’s piparras are on the podium of essential products that are a must in any kitchen. Nor is it surprising that such a delicacy is recognized as the prawns of Ibarra. A name that originally came from its appearance, similar to that of a shrimp, but that does justice to its similarity to the prawns as they are a classic, peculiar and unparalleled.