Let the harvest begin

As you already know, September is the month of the grape harvest, although, sometimes, it can be somewhat delayed in time and this work can be done at the beginning of October. It all depends on the weather and how the grapes, which are the main protagonist, are doing.

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Anchovies in oil: a 100% artisan elaboration

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself on more than one occasion how the Basque Cantabrian Anchovy will be made, haven’t you? Well, it is a long and very laborious work in which each of the phases is essential to achieve that the final product is of maximum quality. What is the production process? The first step […]

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When does the Txakoli harvest begin?

Making the most of the sky and the rays of sunshine of the first weeks of October, the producers of Txakoli D.O. set off to lovingly collect thousands of tons of grapes, with which they will elaborate the exquisite taste of Txakoli with Denomination of Origin in the following months. The beginning of autumn for […]

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A Gilda with a good Txakoli, the perfect mixture

There are mixtures that cannot be surpassed anymore and a good example of this is the combination of Gilda with Txakoli. On the coasts of the Cantabrian Sea they enjoy this very special pintxo almost every day. La Gilda is made up of an Antxoa del Cantábrico from the Basque Country from the waters of […]

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