We are still in summer and the high temperatures do not always help when it comes to cooking. Therefore, today we bring you three easy and tasty recipes to prepare any summer day with Basque Cantabrian White Tuna as the main ingredient.

With these recipes, you will enjoy the food as they are fresh dishes perfect for very hot days. In addition, they are preparations that you can take to the beach or prepare for lunch or dinner with friends. Let’s go!

  • Eggs stuffed with tuna and avocado: the first thing we have to do is cook the eggs and, once they are cold, we peel them and cut them in half, leaving the yolk aside. On the other hand, crush the avocado and add the crumbled bonito. Add the yolks and mix everything with a pinch of salt. Stuff the eggs with the mixture and that’s it.
  • Lentil and tuna salad: a perfect dish where we add the vegetables that we find so difficult to eat in summer. Start by putting the cooked lentils in a bowl, chop some onion into small pieces, dice a tomato, chopped hard-boiled egg, crumbled tuna and chopped olives. Just mix everything, season and enjoy.
  • Lettuce hearts with bonito and carrot: with the lettuce already defoliated, we peel the carrots and cut them into thin slices. Chop some onion into small pieces. Crumble the tuna in a bowl and add the carrot and chopped onion. Distribute the mixture through the leaves of the bud and only dress it.