The rise of social media and ‘foodie’ bloggers have made 2020 a year full of changes and new formats in the gastronomic sector. Despite the fact that we are facing a very changing and eclectic sector, there are some factors to understand these changes based on understand gastronomy as a lifestyle.

In this article we announce you 3 trends to understand the future of gastronomy.

Processed food is old-fashioned

Despite the fact that fast food is still growing in importance, more and more people are interested in organic production and products with high quality. In this sense, the concept of ‘real food’ has emerged, based on moving away from processed food and replacing them with organic and real food. In other words, try to maintain a balanced diet based on local, healthy and sustainable products.

Here you will find recipes with ‘realfooding’ products to maintain a balanced diet while you enjoy the best local cuisine.

Gastronomy as a lifestyle

We are facing an industry that is becoming more and more important in our daily lives. Food is no longer just food, it’s a lifestyle. Our leisure time is now focused on it: we talk about the latest restaurant opened in our city, choose one diet, follow a foodie account…

In this sense, appetizers are on fashion. Not only because of their variety but also because they are an excellent excuse to have a good time with friends or family before eating. In Europe, snacks are already a must in the diet and they are spreading to other continents, such as America.

Back to the origins

Traditional flavors and quality products are back to stay. Users are no longer looking so much for new gastronomic products. They are looking for proposals of value, local cuisine and traditional flavours. Designations of origin are increasing their reputation as products that already have quality standards and have good and traditional flavors.

Do you know any other trend?