There are mixtures that cannot be surpassed anymore and a good example of this is the combination of Gilda with Txakoli. On the coasts of the Cantabrian Sea they enjoy this very special pintxo almost every day.

La Gilda is made up of an Antxoa del Cantábrico from the Basque Country from the waters of the Bay of Biscay, a pair of Guindillas de Ibarra with Eusko Label and the final touch of olives, all joined together by a skewer. A unique product that, when taken alone, tastes good but, accompanied by a good pairing, tastes even better. However, not just any wine can be served. In this post we will talk about its ideal accompaniment: Txakoli.

The ideal pairing for gildas is none other than a good Txakoli. And why not do it with one that has the seal of the Denomination of Origin, such as the Txakoli de Araba, the Txakoli de Getaria or the Txakoli de Bizkaia.

The important thing about this combination is to make it with quality products. And that is what the thousands of tourists who come every year to taste the gildas are looking for. They are looking for a different but special flavour. One that tastes good and makes them experience new sensations.

The good part about gilda is that, it is a product that combines very well with other ingredients, so there is an infinite variety nowadays. Everyone makes them in their own way, although what really matters, apart from the quality, is the love you put into making them and always enjoying them with friends or family.

In our web page we have easy recipes to prepare at home and here we leave you with one of how to make a perfect gilda.