The anchovy is a small, elongated blue fish that belongs to the family Engraulidae. This fish is found in the seas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, or in the waters of the Mediterranean or Black Sea. Depending on the area where it comes from, it is called one way or another.

However, the anchovies from the Atlantic are the most valued because they are considered more tasty and with more nutrients. That is why those from the Cantabrian Sea are so famous and recognized, they grow in better conditions, which makes their meat juicier.

The Cantabrian Sea is one of the areas where anchovies of the species Engraulisencrasicholus predominate, the highest quality ones, with which the best preserves in the world are produced.

How to enjoy this product

The anchovy is a food that combines very well with other ingredients. For example, soft cheese, avocado, red peppers, tomato, in salad, etc.

The experts suggest that the first anchovy should always be eaten alone, open the can and eat it alone. This way, it can be tasted better and enjoy its incredible flavour without being absorbed by another food. Afterwards, you can accompany this small fish with whatever you like.

And to continue enjoying the product, we recommend pairing it with a good wine. There is no fixed answer to which is the best wine to accompany anchovies, so the best option is to accompany it with a smooth wine that is to your liking, preferably white.


When we serve the anchovies on a plate, we usually drain the oil in which they are immersed, and we usually add a splash of extra virgin olive oil so that their flavour reaches excellence. However, the oil in which the anchovies come should not be thrown away. With it we can dress a rich salad, giving it that touch of anchovy flavor without this fish having to be on the plate. However, the dressing should only contain a little of this oil, since if we pour it all over, it will not taste good at all.

Finally, the most important thing for enjoying anchovies is their conservation. Once the anchovies have been opened, they should be covered completely with good quality, mild olive oil and kept in the refrigerator until they are eaten again.