The Basque Cantabrian anchovy is a very controlled product. In fact, each year there is an estimated limit of tons of fish that cannot be exceeded so as not to wipe out the entire species.

This year, the JUVENA scientific campaign, which studies the annual monitoring of the juvenile biomass of the anchovy, has placed the amount of these specimens that inhabit the waters of the Bay of Biscay at 230,000 tons.

In addition, the figures obtained confirm that the species is in good condition, so it is estimated that recruitment for the 2021 campaign will be medium-high.

It has also been commented that the scenario is not at risk, so it is expected that the season will end with positive data.

Sustainable fishing

The JUVENA researchers have assured that if sustainable management is carried out, it is possible to guarantee the species and also the future of a sector that employs more than 3,500 people. All of them come from the fishing, canning and food industries.

This initiative has helped to contribute to responsible and sustainable fishing, in addition to preserving marine resources for future generations.

However, we will have to wait until the 2021 campaign in April and May to see how the anchovy fishery performs.