With the 2021 fishing season for the Basque Cantabrian White Tuna getting closer and closer, both fishermen and fish markets or canneries are preparing to get everything ready.

The tuna fishing season is undoubtedly one of the most important fishing moments of the year, especially in the Cantabrian Sea, where this species is caught.

But, what does the tuna fishing season consist of?

It is a time of the year when the coasts of the Cantabrian Sea are full of bonito that can be fished. This period occurs between the months of July and September when the waters are somewhat warmer, between 15 and 16 degrees.

The way of catching them is still the traditional way, that is, fishing them one by one in the traditional way, since it has hardly changed since its beginnings. It is true that the type of capture of this blue fish requires a larger boat crew, since more manpower is needed to catch these species.

And it is, once the fish has arrived at port, when it is decided if the Bonito is going to be bottled or if it is going to be sold fresh in pieces or the whole piece. Although, many times the boats or “tuna boats” already know before leaving to fish the exemplary destination, since they are usually different companies and the canneries, for example, have their own boats for tuna fishing.

But whatever the destination, the important thing is always to treat the product in the best way from the moment it comes out of the water until it is served on the plate, for all its essence and flavor until it is consumed.

There is less time left to taste the Basque Cantabrian White Tuna in 2021!