The CAPRICE program is born out of the interest in bolstering the competitiveness of the farming sector of the European Union. The CAPRICE scheme is aimed at promoting originally European goods to drive their exportation.

Upon approval of the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) of the European Commission, the program got into gear in February 2019. The HAZI Foundation, which is established by the Basque Government, is the main force driving this initiative.

What Is the CAPRICE Program?

CAPRICE is a program intended to showcase the quality and authenticity of European exports and introduce them onto the American and Japanese market; in doing so, it seeks to promote the consumption of European products. The Caprice program is set to run for three years.

The products making up the CAPRICE program include the marketing and promotion of the Txakolis wine with Denominación de Origen (D.O.), a classification rating for Spanish wines (DOP Getariako Txakolina, DOP Bizkaiko Txakolina, DOP Arabako Txakolina). Likewise, CAPRICE advertises Ibarra chilli pepper boasting Eusko Label, the anchovy and the albacore from the Cantabrian Sea in the Basque Country.

What Are the Goals of the CAPRICE Program?

The objectives of the CAPRICE program are mainly geared towards the following:

  • Increasing the exportation turnover towards the US and Japan markets of three key products, D.O. Txakoli, Ibarra chili peppers with Eusko Label, and the anchovy and Cantabrian albacore.
  • Improving knowledge and awareness of distributors in the United States and Japan regarding origin, flavor, tradition and consumption of these food products.
  • Informing potential consumers and the general public about these goods and their consumption. This will raise the market demand for the aforementioned products.

Strategies for the success of the CAPRICE Program

The CAPRICE program lays out an innovative approach based on the enjoyment of a good gastronomic experience. The tasting of high-quality appetizers washed down with some excellent Txakoli wine will allow you to savor the culture of the regions and D.Os.

Fancy the European appetizer” is the leading message of the CAPRICE program, which is in line with the slogan of the promotion policy adopted by the European Commission “Enjoy, it’s from Europe”.

Among the activities to be carried out there will be outbound and inbound trade missions, business dinners, showcooking, and participation in international renowned food fairs. Furthermore, the activities in the CAPRICE program include the exposure and advertisement communications for corporate image promotion both in the US as well as Japan.

The CAPRICE program will drive forward the knowledge and awareness of  European products, cultures, traditions and cuisines, on top of increasing the exports of the promoted products to Japan and the United States.