Canned food has been known since the 18th century and has hardly changed since then. It is a technique that guarantees the hygiene and safety of the product over a long period of time.

We can find them in cans or jars and each technique has its benefits for the best preservation of the product.
Some of the most famous canned products are the Basque Cantabrian White Tuna or Basque Cantabrian Anchovy, and we can find them in both of the formats mentioned.

On the one hand, in cans, where the product cannot be seen and, at the same time, sunlight is prevented from entering. And, on the other hand, in glass jars, where we can see the amount of product that comes in and also other characteristics such as its size, colour and appearance.

In the case of tuna, the main difference is usually the quantity of one and the other, and the piece of the product. When it comes in a can, the bonito usually comes in smaller pieces while, in a jar, it usually comes in larger and thicker blocks.

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