A year ago we already talked about what would be the gastronomic trends in 2020, but as you all know, with the arrival of the pandemic not everything has been fulfilled. In addition, the consumption of convenience food and delivery food has increased in a generalized way.

Of course, the confinement has put an end to the desire we had to cook and has pushed us to try different restaurants and fast food chains. However, with the beginning of 2021, gastronomic trends have arrived again and we will explain below what they are.

First of all, all experts agree that we are increasingly aware that vegetables are an essential part of our diet and as the years go by they become more and more fashionable and society welcomes them with open hands. That is why, every year, we keep discovering new vegetables to add to our supermarket basket.

Secondly, local produce. Just as we used to pay less attention to the origin of products, now we do care and, in fact, we like to know where the product comes from. The closer the better!

Thirdly, from the sea to the table. We look for products that have not spent a long time in cold chains. Products such as fish that comes from the sea to the fishmonger and straight to the plate. In this case, the product will be of better quality since it will still be fresh.

And, finally, we throw in herbs and spices in general. Dressings and recipes will no longer be the same if we do not incorporate herbs that give flavor and enhance the dishes.

With these clear trends, which one do you think is the one that most identifies you? Tell us about it.