The White Tuna is a blue fish that lives in cold water. It spends a large part of its life living in the Azores area and in late spring it moves to the Cantabrian Sea in search of food and stays there all summer.

It is a fast-growing animal that feeds mainly on fish that live near the surface, such as antxoas or chicharros, crustaceans and cephalopods. It has a robust body and long fins due to the long distances it travels to other waters.

It travels in large schools of its species and is fished in late summer when the “Bonito Coastal” season begins. This is a key moment, since the White Tuna is in the Cantabrian Sea area and has remained there for a couple of months feeding, so it probably already has a large and robust body.

How is its fishing?

The White Tuna, like other fish, can be caught in different ways. But normally, it is done with rods placed on both sides of the boat, to catch them one at a time.

Beisdes, his technique can be done with the boat stopped or running, with the latter simulating that the artificial bait moves, which attracts the White Tuna more to bite.

This is a very effective and traditional technique, and it is up to each boat to decide which option to use to capture the White Tuna.