The Basque Cantabrian Anchovy a product of the highest quality and is highly appreciated for its excellent flavour. Normally, this canned fish is known, but there are many other ways to consume it if we cook it at home. Therefore, today we will focus on three of the most common ways of preparing them.

The first of them is the battered anchovy. With the fresh anchovies at home, all we have to do is clean them inside by removing the central bone and head, and leave them completely open. Once we have them ready, we add a little salt and pass them through eggs and flour, and fry them in a pan with abundant hot oil. When they are golden, we take them out to a plate with paper to absorb the excess oil.

Another of the star dishes could be the casserole anchovies. In this case, we will clean the inside of the anchovies, keeping the spine and removing the head. In a casserole, put a dash of olive oil with a little chopped garlic. When it is hot, place the anchovies in a circular shape and leave them to cook for 2-3 minutes.

And, the third way is the anchovy in vinegar. In this case, we must clean the whole anchovy and leave it without thorns or head. We separate the loins and we introduce them in a container where we will put the mixture of water, vinegar and salt. This mixture will be made by adding one part of water to three parts of vinegar and a teaspoon of salt. Stir it and pour it over the anchovies so that they get the touch of vinegar. To do this, we let it rest in the fridge for a whole night. The next day, we could already taste them. All we need to do is prepare a little bit of parsley and chopped garlic to pour over them, with a splash of olive oil, and enjoy them