As we have already mentioned in other occasions, Caprice products are perfect for the elaboration of dishes. The high quality of each one of them means that they can be enjoyed in many different ways without losing their essence.

That is why today we want to talk to you about the characteristics of these incredible products. First of all we start with Txakoli with this white wine that is characterized by its pale yellow color and its fruity aromas. In addition, another highlight of Txakoli is its slight acidity that characterizes it so much.

In second place, there is the Basque Cantabrian Anchovy. A blue fish, cured in salt and canned in olive oil. It is a highly demanded product that can be tasted in many different ways. Quality, flavor and tradition in the same product.

Following the Anchovy, we cannot forget the Basque Cantabrian White Tuna. A fish that comes ready to be eaten, but with which you can also prepare countless dishes. Its particular light color and easy handling makes it suitable for both children and adults at any time of the day.

And finally, the Piparra. Perhaps less known than the previous products, but when you try it, you will be pleasantly surprised by its flavor. This Guindilla de Ibarra with Eusko Label is perfect to add, above all, to spoon dishes or salads. In short, a pickle with a long shelf life that can also be made at home.

With all this information about each one of them, we leave you thinking about what recipes you would elaborate with these products.