Going out for a drink with friends or family is something we love. It’s a time when we leave behind any worries we may have and dedicate ourselves to enjoying that time with the people closest to us.

And, what better place than in the bars, where we can have a drink and at the same time eat some snacks. The famous bars full of pintxos where you don’t know which one to choose and where you always end up ordering more than one.

But, the best thing of all is to know which wine is the best fit with what we are eating to enjoy it even more. With the Txakoli with Denomination of Origin we have it easier, since we have three different varieties (Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Araba) we can ask for the one that best suits us.

Nowadays, there are many bars and restaurants that have the three varieties of Txakoli, but if we do not know much about wines, the best thing to do is to ask the waiters.

They will know which is the wine that will best match our food, whether it is a whole dish or a pintxos, and that will make us enjoy the taste more, which will be enhanced.

If you have not yet tasted any of the three Txakoli, from Caprice we invite you to try and enjoy them.