The Cantabrian Sea has an extension of 800 kilometers and it is an extension of waters very rich in biodiversity and a source of fishing. The products from this sea have always stood out for their excellent quality. One of its main characteristics is that it has a quite pronounced depth, and its maximum depth reaches 4,750 meters.

In general it has a medium salinity (about 35 grams per liter), although as you get closer to the coast it decreases.

As for the biodiversity of the Cantabrian Sea, its waters are home to numerous species of animals. With all these characteristics, the Cantabrian Sea meets the requirements for the best products to be bred. An ideal atmosphere is created for all the conditions to be met and to obtain the best and highest quality fish.


The star products

The products of the Cantabrian Sea are known worldwide for their singularity and exquisiteness. They have characteristics that make them unique; and no wonder. Cantabrian anchovies from the Basque Country stand out for their extraordinary quality and their special and careful preparation: this can be seen in their size, their cleanliness and absence of bones and their right proportion of salt. The fishing of these anchovies takes place mainly in the month of May, and from this date is when the salting process begins.

The Cantabrian White Tuna from the Basque Country, together with the anchovies, is another of the star products. It belongs to the tuna family and is one of the highest quality varieties, since it is characterized by an exquisite flavor and a softer texture than the rest of its species. The most notable culinary distinction is that the flesh of the bonito is tastier and softer to the palate. On the other hand, the color is much whiter than that of the rest of the tuna.

And, thanks to these high quality products we can elaborate an infinity of recipes. On our website we have different dishes made with European products, among which are the Anchovy and Bonito Do not miss them!