The Ibarra Chili Peppers or Guindillas de Ibarra are a variety of pepper native to Europe with renowned fame worldwide in the culinary world. Also known as piparras, piperras or langostinos de Ibarra, these chili peppers are known in many parts of the world and, according to historical evidence, its consumption goes as far back as 7,000 years.

What are the Ibarra Chili Peppers?

Guindilla de Ibarra is the name given to a variety of chili pepper which is grown, processed and canned mainly in the southern region of Europe, namely in the Basque Country. The narrow, elongated and smooth shape with a round section is what gave its name of langostino de huerta (Ibarra king prawn). It is a fruit that boasts a tender, meaty flesh and a fine skin; it is slightly spicy, and it can be enjoyed in several different ways. The Ibarra Chili Pepper features a slightly burning, mild and pleasant aftertaste.

How Are Guindillas Best Enjoyed?

The Ibarra Chili Peppers can be enjoyed in several ways, they can be eaten as cured peppers from the jar, without further preparation but a pinch of olive oil and salt. They can also be tasted fried or sautéed. The piparras can be either side dishes for a meal or appetizers presented in pintxos (small slices of bread upon which an ingredient is placed and fastened with a toothpick) along with spiked olives or anchovies. They are simply so versatile that will go well with almost anything you throw at them.

How Do You Identify the Authentic Ibarra Chili Peppers?

The original authentic Ibarra Chili Peppers are a greenish-yellow, boast a mild taste and are canned in low-acidity white wine vinegar. They come in crystal jars and bottles of different size. In addition, the Ibarra Chilli Peppers packaging is labelled with the Basque Food Quality @euskolabel stamp. This is how you are guaranteed to savor the incredible true and original Ibarra Chili Peppers or Ibarra King Prawns.

We invite you to try the authentic Ibarra Chili Pepper, a product of European tradition, harvested and canned with the highest-quality controls to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers.