The pintxos. Bite-sized appetizers served in bars and considered the quintessence of our cuisine and gastronomy. What would we do without these delicacies?

This term comes from the verb pinch, since, traditionally these appetizers have been prepared by inserting a toothpick and bread to eat more easily. They are usually eaten in one or two bites and there is no need to use any kind of cutlery thanks to the toothpick that is pricked in the preparation. But a skewer cannot be called a pincho if it is not accompanied by a glass of wine, in this case Txakoli D.O.

Its origin dates back to around the 1930s. The owner of a bar had the great idea of offering small portions strung on a stick in the shape of an aperitif on his counter in a tempting way. Little by little, this phenomenon became popular among the aristocrats and wealthy people who spent their summers in the area, which led to other establishments following in the same footsteps to attract this type of clientele.

Today, this phenomenon is still popular and characteristic of the area, so much so that there are even courses for preparing pintxos, and guess what, many of the pinchos are prepared with CAPRICE products. We give you some examples of recipes so that you can prepare and taste them without having to move from home, but transporting all the emotions to the place of origin of the pintxos.

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