How we like to enjoy the appetizers! And, the truth is, doing it at home is always a good idea. Whether with family or friends, the important thing is to have a good time.

That is why, in one way or another, we must not lose the habit of appetizers. In addition, we can also enjoy only with our partner and children and make that meeting a special moment.

This kind of traditions are very well known in countries like Italy, Portugal or Spain, but, it must be said, it is becoming a very well known custom all over the world.

It is also true that there are countries in which, despite the fact that the aperitif is well known, they do not do it. But surely in a few years they end up joining this beautiful tradition in which the important thing is to get together and try new foods. Besides, we give free rein to the imagination and you can get to prepare some excellent and 100% homemade pintxos.

It is clear that each person has his own tastes, but what is clear is that there is still a pintxo par excellence and it is none other than the Guindilla de Ibarra with Eusko Label.

In the bars it is usually a very typical product and can be consumed in different ways: as a ration in which the chillies are usually fried with their final touch of salt, as an ingredient in pintxos like Gilda, in vinegar to accompany certain spoon dishes like beans or lentils… A real delicacy!

If you have the chance, don’t miss out on trying it. We must dare with new appetizers to expand our tastes and thus have a greater range of possibilities for future occasions. Cheer up!