Txakoli is a unique white wine produced many centuries ago in the natural environment where it is still cultivate. With a mountain range, a mild Atlantic climate and different grape varieties grown up in that environment, Txakoli wine has a unique personality that makes it stand out from any other wine.

Until a few years ago, this white wine was acidic and made in farmhouses. Moreover, it was only consumed by some inhabitants and used as a bargaining chip among the neighbours. Now Txakoli is catalogued as a good wine, young, fruity and with a good quality and a pleasant flavour.


Quality wines with Denomination of Origin

Getaria Txakoli, Bizkaia Txakoli and Araba Txakoli are the most demanded txakolis. Every year, they expand their market by entering the main gastronomic and gourmet establishments. 

Although firstly these wines were only bought in the north of Spain, they are becoming increasingly well known and suppliers from all over the world are investing in this wines with denomination of origin. There are two reasons why suppliers like it so much: they have soft taste and a fruity touch. This wine combines so well with most tapas, pintxos or appetizers in general.