Making the most of the sky and the rays of sunshine of the first weeks of October, the producers of Txakoli D.O. set off to lovingly collect thousands of tons of grapes, with which they will elaborate the exquisite taste of Txakoli with Denomination of Origin in the following months.

The beginning of autumn for the Txakoli D.O. harvesters is an important date, since it is the beginning of the grape harvest. It is a process that is carried out in an artisanal way and by means of a manual harvesting of the grapes in plots or cellars. It is also a crucial moment for the harvesters, since the wine that will be produced in the coming months will be the wine that thousands of people will taste throughout the year. Therefore, it must always be done in the same way to avoid changing the final flavor.

It must be taken into account that the grapes will be harvested from the vineyards when the fruit is at its optimum ripeness. This step is essential, since the sugar levels in the must must be adequate for the fermentation process to take place correctly.

Despite the fact that the whole process is usually called by the familiar name of grape harvest, the grape harvest is the step that has strictly that name.

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