How lucky we are to be able to enjoy a wine with so much flavour as Txakoli with Denomination of Origin! There are still some countries where it is not easy to get it, but we are lucky that in the last years its production has kept growing and that has allowed us to export it to more and more countries.

One of the last ones has been the United States, where it has become the perfect appetizer for thousands of people. With its soft and fruity taste it is very pleasant in the mouth and that is why it is so popular.

But do we know how to take it? In this new entry we give you four tips to enjoy this wine to the fullest:

  1. Drink it cold. Txakoli is a wine that, although it is advisable to drink cold, not everyone enjoys it that way. The ideal is to keep it at a temperature between 7 and 10 degrees to counteract that touch of acidity it has.
  2. Pair it with fish and seafood. Although it is a wine that works very well with a large amount of food, it is best to enjoy it with fish or seafood, since the flavor of these fits perfectly with the fruity flavor of the wine.
  3. Keep it in the fridge. There are few occasions in which a bottle of Txakoli is not finished, but if this happens you must remember that this wine must always be in the fridge once it is opened. This way it will have a better conservation during more time.
  4. Enjoy with friends. A wine always tastes better if it is enjoyed with more people. Therefore, if you are with friends or your family you will be able to enjoy that moment and the Txakoli will taste even better.

You know, now every time you feel like drinking a glass of Txakoli, remember not to miss any of these four recommendations. And the most important thing: remember to enjoy the moment, because those little encounters.