Getaria Txakoli, Bizkaia Txakoli and Araba Txakoli



Txakoli is a unique wine. A young spirit that has been around for centuries, that was originated in the peculiar natural environment in which it is still grown, that is, in areas near the Bay of Biscay.

A region completed with a mountain range, a gentle Atlantic weather, and local grape varieties that grow perfectly in that setting, mainly Hondarrabi Zuri, granting Txakoli a unique personality that differentiates it from any other wine.

Txakoli wine is the perfect drink for your appetizer. It pairs perfectly with seafood, but it also tastes wonderfully with vegetables, white meats, or cheese.

Txakoli wines with Getaria Txakoli, Bizkaia Txakoli and Araba Txakoli denominations of origin are high in demand.Each year, they further their market expansion by entering the main gastronomic and gourmet establishments.

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