If there is one thing we love, it is to enjoy the appetizers. We used to do it at the bar, but now, due to the coronavirus crisis and the long time we have had to stay at home we have become fond of drinking it at home.

It’s true that going to the bar is always more comfortable because you don’t have to worry about anything, but doing it at home has its advantages too. Preparing the appetizers you like the most, eating one after another until they are finished or being comfortable sitting down while you eat are the differences that mark the bar at home.

But be that as it may, appetizers are still around and many companies dedicated to this have had to reinvent themselves to continue with their business model. The famous gildas or banderillas were made in every bar or by big companies that sold them directly to the hotel industry. However, as a result of confinement they have made the leap to digitalization and have begun to sell their products at home.

Other companies distributing Txakoli with Denomination of Origin have been forced to do the same. This fruity wine was widely consumed in bars, but with the pandemic Txakoli fans have also wanted to enjoy it at home.

And finally, the canning companies of products such as Basque Cantabrian Anchovies or White Tuna have noticed an increase in their sales. The desire to try new foods or to indulge in those products that used to be eaten only in restaurants has encouraged many families to try these products at home.

But the important thing is that, in one way or another, the consumption of these products has not lost its tradition.