Ibarra´s piparra with Eusko Label are ideal for preparing pintxos and accompanying them with a glass of Txakoli D.O. But, if you want to know more about this product and how they are grown, keep reading the article.

The most important thing to be able to grow the Ibarra´s piparra with Eusko Label is to acquire the seeds of the same. The best time of year to sow the seed is at the end of winter, from the last two weeks of February to the first two weeks of March. It is sown at a depth of about two and five centimetres, without generating much pressure on the surface of the soil so that there are no problems when the sprouts appear after 15-20 days from the beginning.

It is very important that they receive sunlight and that they are kept at an average of 22-23ºC. After the whole process, the only thing missing is for the fruit to ripen so that it can be harvested and consumed, in our case pickles. A delicious product that can be used to prepare a thousand recipes.

Why don’t you try the Ibarra´s piparra with Eusko Label? They are delicious.