How famous the Guindillas de Ibarra with Eusko Label are and what an incredible taste they have! However, what is not so well known is their cultivation, from the time they are planted in the ground until they are picked and dull.

The first thing we must take into account if we want to grow the Guindilla de Ibarra with Eusko Label is the climate of the place. In this case, it must be cultivated at an altitude of less than 450 metres, with mild temperatures and abundant humidity and rain.

Planting the piparras does not require any special care, as it is a strong, fast-growing plant. It is also planted between April and May.

But when should they be harvested?

As we have mentioned, it is a plant that bears fruit quickly. However, it is difficult to know the exact moment when the Guindilla de Ibarra with Eusko Label be harvested.

What we must be clear about is that they should not be harvested when they are very small, thinking that they will be more tender, nor when they are very big and fat. In neither case will we get a good product, since either we have not let them grow enough or they have grown too much and will not have the right flavor.

Therefore, to have an orientation of when they should be harvested, they should measure between 5 and 12 centimeters, although it is advisable to do so when they reach 8 cm. Their shape should be narrow, elongated and smooth. And, its color, a uniform yellowish green throughout the product.

Harvesting is 100% manual work and must be done every two or three days to ensure that the pipes are at their optimum. In this way, we get a quality appetizer that can be prepared in many ways.

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