With summer only a couple of months away, we can’t stop thinking about it. The heat, the good weather, the holidays… are some of the moments that we are looking forward to in order to disconnect from everything and enjoy them with family or friends.

For the Txakoli with Denomination of Origin, the sun exposure is very important, that’s why they make sunshine studies to know how to orientate the crops.

Summer is the time for the fruit to grow. It will be green in colour, with many acids and will grow in weight and size. During this time, the colour of the grape changes. In the case of white grapes, it will go from green to pale yellow, and in the case of red grapes it will go to pale red.

Optimal conditions to keep a bottle of Txakoli

The first thing to know is that this wine must have a constant temperature. Therefore, if we keep the Txakoli with Designation of Origin in the open air, that temperature has to be always the same so that it does not alter the taste.

The best thing is to keep this white wine at a temperature between 12-14 degrees and with a humidity around 75%. If we keep it in a warmer place, it could increase the speed of maturation of the wine, which would change its aroma.

And, another of the doubts that usually arise with this fruity wine is the conservation once opened. The conditions of an open bottle are not the same as those of a closed one so once the bottle is opened it will keep perfectly for four or five days in the cold room.