Summer has already begun and one of the most requested dishes in these hot months are the “piparras”. There is nothing better than a cool drink and a good pintxo of Ibarrako Piparrak or Guindillas de Ibarra with Eusko Label.

However, the piparras are fantastic for the preparation of a multitude of recipes, but today we are going to explain a recipe that is not so well known but its fantastic flavor is worth sharing: the Ibarrako Piparrak in tempura.

This recipe allows you to taste the Ibarrako Piparrak and taste its fine and delicate flavor. To elaborate this recipe it is important to take into account a series of steps:

  • Locate the real Ibarrako Piparrak or Guindillas de Ibarra
  • Use an iron frying pan so that the heat is transmitted better and more evenly
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt

As for its preparation, it is very simple:

  1. In a bowl, we place 300gr of very cold water and 230gr of tempura flour
  2. Once we have the dough, we drain the Ibarrako Piparrak and we pass them through the mixture one by one
  3. Remove the excess dough and fry them in a pan with plenty of olive oil. The oil must be very hot
  4. Let them fry for a couple of minutes or until golden brown
  5. We pass them to an absorbent paper to remove the excess oil
  6. And finally, serve on a plate

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