With the winter season over and the spring season well underway, it seems incredible that we still have days and nights as cold as those of April. But it turns out that these night frosts are more common than we think and winegrowers are the ones who know the most about it.

When we think of frost, we usually think of roads or cars. However, these professionals suffer for their vineyards, those of Txakoli with Denominationof Origin, since this freezing cold also falls on their vines and can spoil them completely. Therefore, in order not to lose the harvest of the season as it happened years ago, they have returned to the remedies that were done many years ago to prevent the vineyards from freezing.

It is important to say that the concern of the winegrowers is more accentuated between April and May, since this is when the Txakoli vines start to bud. And, if that cold gets right into the heart of the silver, it can cause it not to survive, ruining all the previous work of the company.


That is why, not long ago, they have put back into practice one of the remedies that their ancestors used to carry out to prevent the vineyards from freezing. This small solution consists of lighting small bonfires around the vineyards to combat the intense night frosts that some days surprise even with negative temperatures.

With this fire what is achieved is to increase the temperature of the place by one or two degrees, but the main objective is to create a large cloud of smoke above the vineyards to prevent frost from falling directly on the vines. In this way, the cold does not fall on the new shoots, nor does it spoil them.

These /media/?size=lare usually lit for a couple of hours during the frosts, but once the sun starts to rise, they are extinguished, leaving the layer of smoke visible for a couple of hours.

And this is how they manage to save the harvest, with remedies that have a long history since it was the winegrowers of several decades ago who implemented these solutions to the terrible frosts they suffered.