If in previous posts we have talked about how the recollect Guindilla de Ibarra with Eusko Label is , today we will talk about when it is cultivated. We know this famous vegetable when it has already grown and is ready to eat, but at what time does it have to be planted to give the good piparras that we know?

It is important to know that piparras will not come out the same in any part of the world, since the climate and the soil make their taste different. However, it is important to grow them in a good area, where they receive sunlight as well as rainwater. In this way, they will be able to grow at a good pace while receiving vitamins and energy.

The perfect climate for this vegetable is mild temperatures accompanied by humidity and a lot of rain. These piparras do not require much care, since it is a fast growing and strong plant. This plantation must be done in the months of April and May in order to be able to collect the harvest from the month of July.

It does not usually take long to bear its first fruits, but it is important to harvest its piparras little by little. Otherwise, they will grow too much and will probably taste too spicy.

Therefore, the ideal is to look at them every day or every two days to be able to obtain an Guindilla of  Ibarra with Eusko Label of the best quality.