The first thing we should know before going into the grape harvest of Txakoli with Denomination of Origin is its meaning. The harvest is commonly known as the whole process from the collection of the grapes until the wine is made and bottled. However, each process has its own name to avoid mistakes.

It is very common to hear that the grapes are going to be harvested when what is really going to be done is only to collect the grapes. Therefore, each of the processes should be called by its name.

And, the one that is followed by the harvesting of this fruit is the destemming and crushing, where the grapes are separated from the stems. This work nowadays is done with specialized machines and it reduces the time considerably. These Txakoli grapes go to a press where the first must is extracted and separated from the skins.

The moment of fermentation arrives, in large stainless steel containers where the yeasts present in the must feed on the sugars, generating alcohol and carbon dioxide.

This is followed by one of the last processes, racking. That is to say, changes of container in which we leave behind the solid residues in suspension and the wine is aerated.

And finally, bottling. Once the wine is placed in the bottles, it is when it is fully balanced and ready to be enjoyed.

It is, therefore, a long and delicate process that must be carried out following each of the steps strictly to avoid altering the final taste of the Txakoli and to ensure that it always has the same flavor.