Many times we have talked about Txakoli with Denomination of Origin, but this time we are going to go a little further and we are going to tell you about the routes of this fruity wine.

Well, just as we like to go from bar to bar to eat different snacks such as pintxos or gildas, there are those who prefer to leave the food aside and dedicate themselves to taste wines. In this case, we are referring to different txakolis.

Therefore, this route consists of visiting with friends or family several bars in the same neighborhood or town and tasting different types of Txakoli. There are those who prefer to order always the same one or those who are more adventurous and like to order a different Txakoli in each bar.

This route is not usually marked, but it is each person or group of friends who decide to do it to spend the morning enjoying a good wine such as Txakoli with Denomination of Origin.

From Caprice we encourage you to visit different bars or restaurants in your area and make this route with your closest people. We are sure you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.