Txakoli with Denomination of Origin is a very special wine produced in several territories in northern Spain. Its fruity flavor has made this wine a well-known aperitif all over the world.

However, within the Txakoli there are currently three different Denominations of Origin and each one of them has a very particular history.

The first one is the Txakoli de Getaria, which in 1989 obtained the Denomination of Origin with the name Getariako Txakolina. This wine is elaborated from its beginnings with autochthonous grapes and goes through a very severe quality control every year to offer a quality Txakoli to its consumers.

The alcohol content of this white wine is moderate and ranges between 9.5º and 11.5º. It is a young wine, very characteristic and differentiated. It is recommended to serve it chilled to release the full range of flavors.

Txakoli from Bizkaia

Txakoli de Bizkaia with Denomination of Origin is made with two main white varieties: Ondarrabi Zuri and Ondarrabi Zuri Zerratia. The tonality of this wine ranges from pale yellow to straw yellow, and can also have greenish tones.

The vines of this Txakoli are located below 400 meters of altitude and are cultivated in mid-slope soils, to protect them from the cold winds coming from the north.

Txakoli from Alava

Last but not least, Txakoli de Álava, the latest to obtain the Denomination of Origin, but no less important for that reason. It is therefore the youngest appellation of origin and is located in only 5 municipalities.

It has a fresh taste in the mouth, although slightly acidic and the main varieties are Hondarribi Zuri and Hondarribi Beltza. The alcohol content of this wine is approximately 12º and this is due to the sufficient time of sunshine and moderate rainfall that helps the grapes to reach their optimum point before harvesting.

And that optimum point occurs at the end of September with the arrival of autumn with the three Txakolis. That is when the process of elaboration of this white wine begins, its maceration and fermentation in cellars until it can be consumed by Txakoli lovers.