This is a very eclectic wine. It combines perfectly with seafood and also with vegetables, white meat or cheese. In short, it’s a wine that adapts to most flavours.

Moreover, this type of wine is widely used with preserves from the Cantabrian Sea such as anchovies or tuna. Another foodstuff that goes well with Txakoli is Gilda. This delicious pintxo combines very well the flavour of vinegar with the salty taste of the anchovy.

For many years now, Txakoli has been used in many dishes to add more flavour and give that touch that fits in so well with the dishes. Besides, the pairing with this white wine is so common in the Basque Country that it combines very well with almost any dish.

Moreover, the pairing with Txakoli is so common in the Basque Country that almost any dish goes well. We give you a hint of the most common ones so that you can taste the true flavour of this very fresh wine:


More than a wine, a lifestyle

Txakoli is a wine that today has become a crucial ingredient in the cuisine. As with other dishes, this wine has become part of the culture and customs of the Cantabrian coast. Toasting with a txakoli, eating a gilda or spending a nice time with friends around typical dishes is the lifestyle of some regions of Europe.

The ‘txakoli’ word itself gives us a clue about the origin of this wine. It means ‘homemade wine’. In other words, it is a wine that comes from home, from the farmhouses and has a very familiar character. Nowadays, this tradition has spread and besides seeing the Basques enjoying txakoli with their appetizer, more and more people are adopting this gastronomic style and lifestyle.

Do you want to join them? Try it!