We have already told many times that Txakoli with Denomination of Origin works very well in gastronomy. Its fruity taste is mixed with the juice of other ingredients to obtain dishes worthy of category. Besides, we are lucky enough to have three txakolis with Denomination of Origin (Bizkaia, Getaria and Araba). But, in spite of being similar, each one of them has that point that makes it different.

That is why, like many other wines, Txakoli fits very well in a wide variety of dishes. But, which are the ingredients with which it best fits?

Some fishes like hake, salmon, turbot or tuna are the ones that give the best results. Shellfish are also very grateful to this wine, since they provide a very good fresh taste for the elaboration of their sauces.

However, we cannot forget about other ingredients such as red meat and certain vegetables with which Txakoli with Denomination of Origin helps to enhance their flavour.

Sweets with Txakoli

The latest in Txakoli cuisine are the desserts. The most daring confectioners are beginning to incorporate this type of wine in their preparations to create new sweet flavors. One of the most famous creations is the lemon sorbet with Txakoli, which ends the meal in a soft way and with a special taste.

We take advantage of this post to also respond to a very typical doubt that arises when we incorporate a drink with alcohol in our recipes. The use of Txakoli, in this case, or any other alcoholic beverage does not imply the ingestion of alcohol, since it evaporates when cooked. Therefore, all the dishes made with wine or any other liquor can be eaten by children or teetotalers, since the final result will never have any rest of alcohol.