Knowing the wines well and knowing which one fits best with each meal is the pending subject for many people. But, for those who do not know much about this world, it must be said that Txakoli with Denomination of Origin is a wine that, normally, fits very well in most occasions.

It is a wine that is increasingly consumed and that is because it is a fresh and fruity wine that is enjoyed both by the younger and the older population.

Therefore, it is easy to see all those people enjoying Txakoli in different places and ways. There are people who like to drink this wine while they go out for pintxos. It is a mixture that works very well and brings a very rich freshness in the mouth.

It is also common to see people enjoying any of the three varieties of Txakoli in restaurants. They are wines that go very well with both meat and fish and that’s why they should be chosen.

On the contrary, there are those who like to drink their little glass of Txakoli at home, to accompany their daily meal, and then enjoy other wines that they do not usually drink in bars.

However, whatever the occasion, what is clear is that this is a highly appreciated wine, especially in the area where it is produced, but which also has many followers in other countries and areas of the world.

And, all those fans, have made the demand for this wine increase in recent years in a remarkable way. That is why part of its production is destined for export.