Octopus with potatoes and a guindilla chilli sauce, paired with traditional Txakolí D.O. Arabako Txakolina


Heat a saucepan of water. Once boiling, immerse the octopus in the water 3 times, leaving it in the water after the 3rd time. For each kilo of octopus, leave it to cook for 15 minutes. Remove it once cooked.

Meanwhile, clean the potatoes then cook them in the same water used to cook the octopus. Once the potatoes and octopus are cooked, cut everything into cubes and drizzle with oil.

Using a blender, make a chilli pepper mayonnaise using the pickling vinegar from the chilli peppers, olives, sunflower oil, chilli peppers and egg.

Finishing touch and presentation

On a plate, create a base with the chilli pepper mayonnaise then place a potato on top, followed by the octopus. Decorate the plate with some chilli peppers and paprika.


The distinctive characteristics of traditional txakolí combine harmoniously with many product combinations. In this case, the acidity provided by the chilli pepper sauce, the saltiness of the octopus and creaminess of the potatoes make this appetiser a perfect pairing for the txakolí that accompanies each bite, cleansing the palette and preparing it for the next.

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