The Gildas are one of the quintessential appetizers. Its easy preparation and the wide variety of ingredients that can be incorporated into them make this product appealing to everyone.

This appetizer began to be sold in a bar and was a simple Basque Cantabrian Anchovy from , a couple of Guindilla de Ibarra with Eusko Label and an olive, all introduced in a small skewer. But, due to the success that they had, both fans of the kitchen and different cooks decided to innovate and create new Gildas.

The first ideas were very original, but it was not thought that it would be sold in bars. They made mixtures of ingredients that, a priori, seemed very strange but then liked so much with the classic gilda. And some examples of these innovations are the gilda with octopus or with prawns. Two products that we are used to seeing in other dishes, but that surely surprise us in the gilda for good.

We must dare to try new flavors and that’s how in other countries for sure they are doing it. In the United States they will try to make gildas with typical products of the country to give themselves a touch, while in other countries like Japan they will also try new ideas by adding their famous soy sauce.

Be it in one way or another, the important thing is to create new flavors that work together and always choose the highest quality products such as these appetizers.

We know that there are infinite types of gildas, but for you, which is the most delicious?