Everybody knows the Gilda and knows which are those typical ingredients that make it unique: the olive, the Basque Cantabrian Anchovy and the Piparra. All this prepared on a skewer stick and with the final touch of a good splash of extra virgin olive oil. One of the best appetizers, no doubt.

But when creativity and innovation come together in the kitchen is when you get high-level dishes or, in this case, pintxos. The Gilda has been known for many years for its originality and great taste, but there are those who do not get to enjoy them to the fullest because of some of its ingredients.

That is why, being a pintxo that allows almost any change, it can be elaborated according to the consumer’s taste. That is to say, if there is someone who does not like the Anchovy can enjoy another Gilda that does not have this product. In the same way that a Gilda can not carry Piparra or olive.

It is also true that the Anchovy is an almost essential ingredient in this appetizer, it contributes a great flavor and fits very well with the rest of ingredients. That is why the great majority of gildas that we see in the bars have it.

Gildas in bars

In addition, the anchovy can also be seen in two different ways: with the anchovy in vinegar (it will be whiter) or salted (as we know it, in brown color). In this way, it is the consumer who chooses the one he/she likes the most.

In fact, there are bars in which their only pintxos are the Gildas and that, by the way, is very successful. In these establishments you order the drink and the gildas and it is the waiter who serves them on a plate accompanied by some slices of bread for you to enjoy. And, some of these bars have more than 15 types of gildas.

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