We all know that every house eats differently. There are those who prioritize vegetables in their daily food and there are those who give greater importance to legumes. Whatever it is, the important thing is to have a varied diet in which we include all types of food. And those foods can also be appetizers.

We are used to eating only these products at certain times such as Sunday mid-morning or at celebrations. But, we can also incorporate them into a dinner or lunch.

How to do it?

Many times at meals we usually put some snacks before the main course or accompany other dishes with other products… Well, that’s where we can include them. That is to say, instead of taking out all the appetizers on a Sunday before eating, we can include them as a starter in the meal. We can put on a plate a dozen Basque Cantabrian Anchovies y on a layer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or put a plate with a good ventresca of Basque Cantabrian White Tuna

If we prefer some product a little more tempered we can fry in the last moment some rich piparra of Ibarra with Eusko Label. And to accompany the food, what better wine than a Txakoli with Denomination of Origin.

This way, we have in our daily food the four incorporated appetizers. Moreover, it is not necessary to have a high level of cooking to prepare these products, as they come ready so that you only need to put the final touch.

If you also like to enjoy these delicious snacks, now you can enjoy them in your day to day without having to stay long in the kitchen.

Surprise your loved ones with the best appetizers!