How are the Piparras with Eusko Label grown?

How famous the Guindillas de Ibarra with Eusko Label chilli peppers are and what an incredible taste they have! However, what is not so well known is their cultivation, from the time they are planted in the ground until they are picked and dull.

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Anchovies in oil: a 100% artisan elaboration

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself on more than one occasion how the Basque Cantabrian Anchovy will be made, haven’t you? Well, it is a long and very laborious work in which each of the phases is essential to achieve that the final product is of maximum quality. What is the production process? The first step […]

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3 recipes with Txakoli to make at home

Txakoli with Denomination of Origin is a high quality product that can be enjoyed in an infinite number of ways. Perhaps the one I knew best could be that moment when we enjoyed this incredible wine with friends while chatting. However, we cannot forget about Txakoli and gastronomy, since it has become another ingredient to […]

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