There are times when the days get too long, we have more free time and we don’t know what to do. Now is a good time to cook and learn easy, but delicious, recipes. The kitchen is the best ally in these times, so what better than creating new dishes and mixing new flavors.

Well, today we are going to give you three great ideas to do this weekend at home. It doesn’t matter what level of cooking you have, since the level of recipes is increasing. So, if your knowledge about gastronomy is almost zero, you will start by making a very simple dish. Then, little by little, you will try new recipes with higher levels of difficulty so that you can become a real chef.

The first recipe we will start with is the Gilda. A very rich product that is appreciated for its incredible taste and ease of preparation. You will only need as main ingredients the Cantabrian Anchovies from the Basque Country and the Ibarra Chilli Peppers with EuskoLabel. Moreover, it is a dish that can be prepared in advance and only needs the touch of olive oil before serving.


The second recipe is still simple, but the difficulty increases a bit. In this case we are referring to Tejas marinated in Txakoli. For its preparation we will need different ingredients to make the dough that will be baked later, but the touch of this dish is given by the Txakoli with which the dish is paired.

Marinated tejas

And, finally, we ended up with a more elaborate dish, but accessible to any kitchen lover. We will cook an Octopus with potato and Ibarra chilli sauce with EuskoLabel, in which the octopus will be the main ingredient, although the chilli sauce will be the one that gives a different point to the typical flavour of this dish.

Octopus with potato and Ibarra chili

If after these recipes you are encouraged to continue cooking (which we are sure you are), we invite you to visit the rest of the recipes we have on our website.