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The Ibarra Chili Peppers: A Treasure to Be Relished

The Ibarra Chili Peppers or Guindillas de Ibarra are a variety of pepper native to Europe with renowned fame worldwide in the culinary world. Also known as piparras, piperras or langostinos de Ibarra, these chili peppers are known in many parts of the world and, according to historical evidence, its consumption goes as far back […]

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CAPRICE Program “Fancy the European Appetizer”

The CAPRICE program is born out of the interest in bolstering the competitiveness of the farming sector of the European Union. The CAPRICE scheme is aimed at promoting originally European goods to drive their exportation. Upon approval of the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) of the European Commission, the program got into […]

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