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Txakoli, a wine that combines with all kinds of flavours

This is a very eclectic wine. It combines perfectly with seafood and also with vegetables, white meat or cheese. In short, it’s a wine that adapts to most flavours. Moreover, this type of wine is widely used with preserves from the Cantabrian Sea such as anchovies or tuna. Another foodstuff that goes well with Txakoli […]

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Why Txakoli is the perfect wine for your appetizers

Txakoli is a unique white wine produced many centuries ago in the natural environment where it is still cultivate. With a mountain range, a mild Atlantic climate and different grape varieties grown up in that environment, Txakoli wine has a unique personality that makes it stand out from any other wine. Until a few years ago, […]

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Protected Designation of Origin of Txakoli: A Quality Assurance Scheme

Produced in the South of Europe, the Txakoli is unique in the world. Most Txakoli vineyards are found in very particular locations near the coast, in sunnier fields, sheltered from onshore sea breezes, but enjoying the influence of the winds coming from the Cantabrian Sea. The Txakoli has preserved its traditional character thanks to its […]

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