Main features of Caprice products

As we have already mentioned in other occasions, Caprice products are perfect for the elaboration of dishes. The high quality of each one of them means that they can be enjoyed in many different ways without losing their essence.

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Gastronomic trends for 2021

A year ago we already talked about what would be the gastronomic trends in 2020, but as you all know, with the arrival of the pandemic not everything has been fulfilled. In addition, the consumption of convenience food and delivery food has increased in a generalized way.

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Women’s work in preserved fish industry

Next Monday, on the 8thMarch is International Women’s Day and Caprice would like to dedicate this blog post to them. This time we want to talk about the women who work in the preserved fish industry, especially in that of the anchovy.

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Gilda: with or without anchovy?

Everybody knows the Gilda and knows which are those typical ingredients that make it unique: the olive, the Basque Cantabrian Anchovy and the Piparra. All this prepared on a skewer stick and with the final touch of a good splash of extra virgin olive oil. One of the best appetizers, no doubt.

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